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Olo Partners with EatStreet to Power Delivery for Restaurants

Online food ordering solution Olo is working with EatStreet to enable integrated delivery through Olo’s Rails platform.

EatStreet is an independent online and mobile food ordering service based in Madison, Wis.,  serving 250 markets and connecting consumers to more than 15,000 restaurants.   

The partnership is expected to net restaurant partners and customers a streamlined food delivery experience in smaller markets across the country.

EatStreet has integrated into Olo’s application programming interface (API) called Rails, which enables restaurants to receive, process and execute delivery orders through delivery service providers. Rails allows restaurant operators to list menu items on third-party marketplaces. Orders placed on EatStreet are integrated into the restaurant’s POS and other existing systems through Olo Rails, decreasing time spent on logistics and increasing order accuracy through a seamless experience.

Olo integrates into 25 POS systems.

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