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Olo, Lyft Team Up to Deliver for Restaurants

Olo announced a partnership with Lyft, one of the largest transportation networks in North America, through Olo’s Dispatch solution to deliver digital orders for Olo’s network of restaurant brands.

Olo's Dispatch product allows restaurant brands to accommodate delivery for orders generated through their own website and apps by providing a network of third- party delivery service providers, such as Lyft. The solution seamlessly selects service providers, including in-house couriers, based on optimal price, timing, availability, and other criteria. Olo’s automated matching technology enables restaurants to get food out the door and into the hands of the guest faster and in the most cost-efficient way. Dispatch enables brands to rapidly deploy delivery at a national scale with a service fully integrated into their point-of-sale  platform and kitchen production systems, all the while strengthening direct guest relationships through their own channels.

Delivery in Demand

The news of the Olo-Lyft partnership comes as 75% of consumers prefer to order delivery direct from the restaurant, according to HT's 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study.

“We're excited to see Lyft partner with Olo to expand the impact of Original ChopShop's and Bellagreen's delivery programs running through Olo Dispatch,” said Adam Griffith, VP of Information Technology at Original ChopShop. “Each delivery order on our own sites is one more direct guest relationship we can keep, and the availability of drivers and competitive pricing from Lyft we experienced during its Dispatch pilot ensured our guests got their food quickly and at a competitive delivery price. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Olo and Lyft to grow both the Original ChopShop and Bellagreen delivery programs.”

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