Oaky Integrates with Cendyn

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Upsell engine Oaky said it has integrated with Cendyn’s eInsight CRM to offer hoteliers the best of expert upselling and refined email management, simultaneously. The Oaky Cendyn integration allows Oaky upselling to take place within Cendyn's eInsight ecosystem, enabling hoteliers to manage Oaky emails via Cendyn's platform and seamlessly incorporate their upsell initiatives into their current email sequences.

Hoteliers can now empower their Cendyn email sequences with inbuilt incremental revenue generation, while keeping the look and feel of all email consistent and personalizing their upsells using Cendyn data. Oaky and Cendyn’s collaboration will continue to move forward towards leveraging upsell data to enrich Cendyn guest profiles.

'We're looking forward to seeing more hotels incorporating Oaky upsell links into their Cendyn email sequence. The integration fuses a hotel’s upselling initiative with their CRM, making incremental revenue generation a streamlined part of their guest communication.’ Pálma Tóth, Product Owner at Oaky

The integration launched with ONYX Hospitality Group on March 1st, a mutual customer of Cendyn and Oaky’s and a pioneer in the new realm of tech-forward luxury hotel brands.

“Upselling is a powerful complement to our CRM, both in terms of driving direct revenue and capturing data to build a growing ecosystem for nurturing loyalty.” Chetan Patel, Vice President, Digital & CRM, ONYX Hospitality

Benefits of the integration include:

  • Sending automated emails containing custom generated links to Oaky's guest landing page as part of regular email sequences 
  • Combining insights from Cendyn's in-depth email analytics with granular feedback on individual upsell performance for a full scope overview
  • Segmenting audiences using reservation data received from Cendyn to offer personalized upsells to every type of guest
  • Personalized upselling even without a PMS integrated with Oaky

How it works

  • Cendyn sends reservation data to Oaky 
  • Oaky automatically creates login links and sends these to Cendyn
  • Hoteliers can add the Oaky login link to an email template within Cendyn
  • Guests clicking on the Oaky link in the Cendyn email will be taken to the Oaky guest landing page featuring personalized upsell offers.

“We are very happy to be partnering with Oaky to add a new level of personalization to their platform. With the combined features of both systems, hotels can optimize not only room upgrades but promote additional revenue streams through spa, F&B, hotel events, in-room amenities and so much more. With many hotels still in recovery mode after the challenges of the global pandemic, capitalizing on ancillary revenue has become more important than ever.” said John Seaton, Chief Revenue Officer, Cendyn

Join the live webinar

John Seaton, Chief Revenue Officer, Cendyn; Chetan Patel, Vice President of Digital & CRM at Onyx Hospitality Group and Erik Tengen, co-founder of Oaky will be discussing how hotels can leverage the integration throughout the guest journey in a live webinar: 

Personalize guest communication to drive incremental revenue using CRM & upselling

Wednesday Mar 31, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

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