Numa Teams up with American Express on New Offer for Small Businesses

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Numa, an answering service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that helps small businesses respond to inbound calls and texts, has teamed up with American Express on a new offer on its services now available on a recently launched suite of tools and services for Amex small merchants. The offer may be helpful for businesses as they look for new ways to stay connected to customers, manage routine business tasks, and enable curbside pickup. 

In the U.S., more than 29 million small and medium-sized businesses juggle hundreds of millions of phone calls from customers and clients. Yet, failing to respond to a voicemail or worse, leaving calls unanswered can result in lost business, affecting the bottom line. Numa enables texting with a business phone, even if it's a landline, allowing merchants to send and receive text messages from an existing phone number and catches calls when the business can’t grab them.

 New Numa customers can receive Numa Pro for $49/month for one year after a free trial period when they sign up for a free trial through the merchant offer landing page by July 31, 2020 and then sign up for a Numa Pro subscription plan by September 15, 2020. Here’s how the virtual answering service works:

·         Coordinate curbside pickup without tying up the phone line

·         Numa answers missed calls and can collect contact information (and opt-in) from customers so they can be notified via a mass text as business conditions change

·         Numa views and responds to all customer communication, even if your business is closed

·         For restaurants: text-to-order, even if you don’t have an online ordering site

·         Businesses can read and listen to business voicemails from home

·         Businesses can easily update hours and voicemail messages from anywhere

·         Numa replies to common questions automatically



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