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NRF 2020 NEWS: WorkJam Launches Next Gen Task Management Platform

WorkJam, a digital workplace for frontline employees, announced the release of its new, next-generation Task Management module, enabling employers to effectively manage the operations and experience for their frontline workforce.

Task management has historically been either a manual or siloed function, facilitated by outdated and overburdened systems, creating barriers to true operational excellence and obstacles for developing the optimal employee experience. WorkJam Task Management, however, is a new approach to task management, offering a complete system of work in a single solution for the frontline and brings together employee training, recognition, communication, with gamified auditing. The new functionality provides employers the ability to ensure consistent workflows to field teams, monitor the completion of tasks and audits, aligning training to specific tasks, and oversee organizational workload and compliance — all delivered in an engaging user experience. With WorkJam’s Task management, organizations will achieve outsized labor productivity gains and be able to sunset outdated, ineffective legacy task management systems that have failed to keep up with the pace of innovation in frontline employee management.

As part of WorkJam’s unified platform including streamlined scheduling, team communication, micro-training, customers will be able to leverage the high employee adoption rates of WorkJam into their task management deployment, enabling companies with non-desk workers to achieve outsized operational improvements, foster collaboration, build their culture, and discover new ways of doing business.

The new, next-generation Task Management module will be available for demos at NRF and several customers will be speaking of their success with WorkJam.

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