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NRF 2015 NEWS: NCR DataGuard Supports New Era of Protected Commerce

NCR Corporation has announced the introduction of NCR DataGuard, a software solution that will initially be available for use with Intel’s new Data Protection Technology (DPT) for protecting sensitive consumer data such as driver’s license and social security numbers in addition to payment data.
NCR DataGuard and Intel DPT work by separating the processing of sensitive data from the operating system and the CPU both logically and physically, using a more secure tunnel supported by a trusted hardware based environment.  The technology helps to protect data from the moment a transaction is initiated through the transfer of the encrypted data to the retailer as well as bank server networks.
The NCR DataGuard software solution will be released later in 2015.  Retailers can prepare for the future by incorporating the NCR DataGuard hardware platform which is in the latest point-of-sale solutions from NCR that contain the Intel Core and Atom processor with Intel’s DPT technology.  These include the RealPOS 72XRT and the latest RealPOS 82XRT in addition to the RealPOS XR7, of which there are already more than 100,000 already deployed with retailers.
NCR DataGuard is managed through a centralized, cloud-based enterprise tool that allows users to carry out configuration, set security policies, receive alerts and generate advanced reporting in addition to creating more protection for sensitive consumer data.
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