NRA SHOW NEWS: Wi-Charge and Charter House Innovations Launch Over-The-Air Wirelessly Charged Displays for Hospitality Industry

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Charter House Innovations, a furniture supplier for restaurants and international quick-service chains, and Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power solutions, today announced that the two companies have formed a joint partnership to deliver for the first time over-the-air wirelessly charged displays for the food and beverage industry. With the new solution, restaurants, quick-service chains, and franchises can now conduct frictionless marketing and promotions directly at the table without pre-wiring every table or constantly recharging every device. Wi-Charge and Charter House are demonstrating the technology at the National Restaurant Association Show from March 21 to 24 at McCormack Place in Chicago at Booth 1372.

Charter House is a furniture supplier that incorporates new technology and materials to deliver a great customer experience from the minute people walk in the restaurant door. The company serves a growing number of dining establishments including the world's largest restaurant chains. 

Wi-Charge's breakthrough over-the-air wireless charging solution can charge devices in a 30-foot range, eliminating the hassle of cables and batteries to give end-users the freedom they crave, and product designers the power they need to usher in the next generation of mobile and smart devices. Wi-Charge systems and devices are already deployed in multiple commercial venues in the United States, Israel, and around the world.

Wi-Charge and Charter House developed a full-color video display with built-in over-the-air wireless charging that allows marketing teams to promote and engage their customers right at the table and bartop. With the wireless charging capabilities, restaurant owners do not have to hardwire each table or worry about the displays ever losing power. The displays can be loaded in real-time with promotional content such as in-meal offers, or special deals on a future visit to the restaurant. This helps create closer connections with customers, differentiates the restaurant's services, and drives greater revenue.

"Our mission at Charter House Innovations is to offer our customers innovative ideas that drive more sales in their dining rooms," said Charles S. Reid, president, Charter House Innovations. "With our full-color WISPir video display, powered by this unbelievable wireless charging technology, restaurant owners can now market to their customers at the ideal moment - when they are at the table and ready to eat." 

"The last two years have changed dining forever, as digital menus and digital tabletop promotions have become part of the overall customer experience. To support this digital transformation, we need to rethink how we power devices to make it possible for any restaurant," said Ori Mor, chief business officer, Wi-Charge. "We are excited to work with Charter House Innovations, a true innovator in the market, to bring engaging displays and other devices powered by over-the-air wireless charging, free from the hassle of running wires, to every dining table to drive higher revenues for restaurants and improve the overall customer experience."

The digital displays and wireless charging system are available immediately. For more information, please call (616) 399-6000 or email [email protected]

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