Noodles & Company to Add Instant Pay

Life@Noodles benefits package will offer immediate pay, budgeting and saving tools.

Noodles & Company will roll out a suite of financial wellness tools from on September 25 to help its nearly 10,000 team members get paid early, organize and budget their money, and plan ahead with savings features.

Accessible via a mobile app, the tools will support team members' everyday money management needs, giving Noodles another competitive Life@Noodles benefit that can help attract and retain talent.

"We wanted to offer more than the basic Instant Pay service some restaurant companies are trying out," said Sue Petersen, Vice President of Human Resources at Noodles & Company. "With our new financial wellness package, team members can benefit from InstaPay plus set aside funds for something special and create longer-term financial goals. We're thrilled to deliver a benefit to help our team members succeed in their jobs and careers at Noodles, and in life."

These financial wellness tools are the latest addition to Life@Noodles, Noodles' comprehensive, competitive team member benefits package. Full of restaurant industry firsts – including parental benefits like $10,000 for adoption assistance; paid paternity leave; phase out to maternity leave and phase back into work at an 80% schedule for 100% pay; and 100% pay for six weeks of maternity leave – Life@Noodles aims to make Noodles a great place to work and grow careers.

"As we have grown our comprehensive benefits package over the past few years, we've remained focused on finding a solution to help better equip our team members with the tools they need to establish financial wellness and literacy," said Petersen. "In testing this program, team members anecdotally shared that the app encouraged them to save for the first time in their adult lives, and we think this program will serve as a resource in helping team members with their immediate needs while also helping them plan and prepare for the future."

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