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Nomadix Releases New Software, Enhancing Bandwidth Management Capabilities

This month, Nomadix — a provider of visitor-based network (VBN) technology — announced version 8.11 of its Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software, featuring benefits such as Default Group Bandwidth Management Policies for VLAN’s.

The software was developed as a response to the need for authentication-free bandwidth policies. Before version 8.11, subscribers and devices had to authenticate using either the Nomadix built-in captive portal or by using an external web portal in order to benefit from advanced bandwidth management functionalities. With NSE version 8.11, customers can get all of the features of the NSE, now without authentication, including grouping of all internet-connected devices in designated spaces such as residential apartments, personal area networks (PANs), conference rooms and beyond.

Further, by enabling its default group bandwidth management policy for virtual local area networks (VLANs), Nomadix customers can now offer residents, guests and conference attendees the ability to seamlessly connect, while giving network operators the peace of mind that their bandwidth will be distributed according to their requirements. An additional enhancement to this feature allows properties to associate these “Default Groups” with a class, which can then be prioritized, ensuring VLAN’s can be regulated and monetized where needed.

NSE 8.11 represents a significant expansion for Nomadix, extending the dependable service delivery and bandwidth management functions from VBNs to more permanent settings, including apartments and offices. Primarily driven by requirements in the multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market space, Nomadix’s Layer 2 bandwidth management enables ISPs and property managers to have essential billing and service delivery controls, without the need for landing pages. For example, defining the maximum upload and download speeds can now be asymmetrically configured, and applied to all devices in a VLAN.

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