Nomadix Increases Capacity and Resiliency for Wi-Fi Experiences at Large-Scale Venues

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
nomadix software update image

Nomadix® Inc​., a technology provider in hospitality and multi-tenant industries, announced a new software release to enable its family of internet gateways to bring significant improvements to the Wi-Fi network for large-scale venues that critically depend on uninterrupted internet access and very high throughput. The new functionality expands scalability, capacity and high-availability for the Wi-Fi network to support large conference centers, high-occupancy hotels, large apartment buildings and student housing so they can offer simultaneous high-bandwidth activities without performance degradation. 

As the preferred solution for top global hospitality brands and multifamily properties around the world, Nomadix internet gateways offer powerful, patented bandwidth management and create personalized, frictionless guest Wi-Fi experiences through its robust and secure architecture. The new high-availability clustering module offered in the latest software release version 9.2 allows multiple gateways to be clustered to create a fully redundant solution, with load balancing, instant failure recovery and increased capacity beyond the limits of a single gateway for both concurrent devices and internet bandwidth. Moreover, the solution does not require complex configuration, and tasks like finding an individual user across the cluster are straightforward.

“With the increased demand for IoT and smart technology, changes in guest internet habits, and the resurgence of events, large venues require uninterrupted internet connectivity capable of supporting large numbers of devices and increased bandwidth to create positive, high-quality experiences,” said Vadim Olshansky, CTO of Nomadix Networks. “Continuing to build and enhance our products to align with the requests of our customers and the industry, our team developed the latest upgrade to further increase the capacity and resiliency known from our family of internet gateways.”

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi is the top amenity requirement when choosing where to stay, where to meet or even where to live. The full internet gateway portfolio - EG 6000, EG 3000 and EG 1000 - enables resilient, secure and compliant Wi-Fi access for hotels and venues of all sizes. Guests, tenants and meeting attendees all benefit from frictionless connectivity with any device setup, reducing troubleshooting calls to associates and creating better satisfaction and loyalty.

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