Nomad Go Introduces HealthySpace

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Nomad Go launched HealthySpaces, a new AI-based solution that accelerates the safe, trusted reopening of any physical environment, includinghospitality and foodservice. Built on the company’s Edge AI Vision Platform, HealthySpaces is the first solution to help organizations improve air quality, ensure COVID-19 related compliance, and drive peace of mind, by providing real-time, actionable data about space occupancy, mask usage, and social distancing. All data collected is anonymous and protected by Nomad Go’s edge computing system, which never records images or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure individual privacy.

HealthySpaces provides real-time data about any physical environment, including:

  • Occupancy and Density Count – measures how many people have entered and exited spaces and provides real-time counts of the number of people inside specific spaces
  • Mask Detection – checks if masks are being worn inside environments that require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Physical Distancing – determines social distancing compliance

“We have been long-time users of Nomad Go to help us gain real-time insights about physical activity through our stores, from occupancy to speed-of-service. We were impressed with how accurately it was able to capture guest count data and scale to multiple locations quickly.  With the effectiveness of the tools that Nomad Go builds, we expect innovative solutions such as HealthySpaces to continue to help restaurant operators run great and safe restaurants,” said Matt Avila, Director of Operations for PizzaRev.

By leveraging the data generated by HealthySpaces, businesses can enable a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers, and, in the case of education, students. This includes:

  • Alerts and screen messages about occupancy and other health metrics sent to phones and screens to help keep employees and customers informed about current conditions.
  • Compliance and usage dashboards that help companies follow health guidance and regulations while optimizing their layouts for safety.
  • Real-time space conditions that can be integrated into customer apps and services for safe employee scheduling and proactive planning.
  • Direct control of HVAC systems to provide more precise ventilation per location and within individual spaces, such as meeting rooms and kitchens, a key factor in ensuring healthy environments.

The Nomad Go HealthySpaces application runs on smart devices including tablets, phones, and cameras, making it easy and fast to deploy. It can be remotely managed and instantly updated to accommodate new metrics.

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