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Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub Selects ArrowStream to Drive Quality Management

ArrowStream, a supply chain innovator that combines expertise in data science and analytics to improve the way supply chains perform, announced that American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC., the parent company of Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub, a favorite Massachusetts-based restaurant company known for hand-breaded Boneless Wings, Broiled Sirloin Tips and frosted mugs of beer, has expanded its utilization of ArrowStream’s OnDemand software to track product quality incidents and improve collaboration with its suppliers and distributors.

For the past year, Ninety Nine has leveraged OnDemand’s supply chain capabilities, including Quality Management, a proprietary technology unique to OnDemand. Quality Management allows restaurants to report and track product issues with inbound deliveries, ensures credits are received and closed, reduces administrative workload, and enables benchmarking and trend analysis on food and service quality. Actionable insights gained from OnDemand allow Ninety Nine to identify significant opportunities for quality and cost improvements within their supply chain.  

“Before the addition of OnDemand’s Quality Management, we had limited ability to track restaurant issues due to the manual aspects of gathering data. Today, 100% of our restaurant chain professionals can log issues directly into OnDemand, whether it is a product shortage, mis-picked product or quality related,” said Bill Sparrow, Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub. “Quality Management collects, reports and measures all product and service incidents, so nothing escapes our attention. We estimate a 20%+ improvement in credit recovery, and we are closing outstanding credits for incidents on average in two to three days. Before this system, we were averaging 4-6 weeks on credit recovery. In addition to the significant cost savings, OnDemand is a substantial enhancement to our internal operations as it has cut in half the time spent to track, follow and close quality events. Ultimately, it drives a better supply chain with our trading partners because we are all getting the same information and able to act on it almost immediately.”

Since Ninety Nine began using Quality Management, it has become a game-changer to their distributor and supplier business reviews. With a clean and timely picture of incident patterns by location, product, and issue type, Ninety Nine can work more efficiently with their partners in addressing the root cause. 

“Our goal is to put actionable plans in place, so quality incidents do not occur in the future,” said Sparrow. “OnDemand is simply the best technology in the foodservice business. It has proven to save both time and money, and also builds better relationships with suppliers and distributors, which is a win-win for all.”

Ninety Nine is the latest restaurant chain to extend its partnership with ArrowStream. They join a growing portfolio of well-known brands including Dairy Queen, Ted’s Montana Grill, Church’s Chicken, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Panda Restaurants, and Einstein Noah. These partners utilize OnDemand as they recognize the value of mapping restaurant data into a single view that directs the attention of supply chain teams to particular issues which will have the most significant impact on their business.

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