Newk's Express Cafe Chooses Web-Based Solution for Fast, Efficient Labor Mgmt

Newk's Express Cafe has chosen HotSchedules' online employee scheduling and labor management solution. Created by the founders of McAlister's Deli, Newk's Express Cafe is a fast casual restaurant serving fresh, made-to-order salads, oven-baked sandwiches, California-style pizzas, soup and homemade cakes. HotSchedules Enterprise was initially piloted at three locations before being rolled out to all 27 Newk's restaurants.

Prior to selecting HotSchedules, Newk's stores were using a variety of different scheduling methods. The lack of a unified solution was time-consuming for management, difficult to teach to new employees, and required continuous updating and maintenance to remain accurate.

"We were looking for a user-friendly solution that would allow our management teams to schedule quickly and more efficiently," says Chris Newcomb, co-founder, Newk's. "From the numerous ways that employees can access their schedules to the powerful Digital Logbook, HotSchedules has made work easier for our team at all levels."

With HotSchedules' robust scheduling and labor management solution at their fingertips, Newk's managers and staff have experienced:
  • Cost- and time-saving scheduling: HotSchedules enables Newk's managers to forecast labor costs more accurately each week and create and edit schedules faster than ever. Best of all, the HotSchedules portal is accessible from the web or a smartphone, giving managers the flexibility to approve shift changes, see schedule requests or review the most up-to-date schedule no matter where they are.
  • Improved logbooks: HotSchedules Digital Logbook provides the Newk's management with a customizable and searchable web-based logbook for communication and documentation. This powerful tool allows managers to access shift notes, information on food and beverage issues, safe count tills and more, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhanced communication: The HotSchedules online portal provides a quick and centralized way for managers, employees, and corporate executives to communicate, keeping the entire Newk's team on the same page at all times.
"Newk's has seen immediate benefits since the switch, including decreased payroll thanks to labor-tracking tools and reports," says Newcomb. "Our hourly employees value the ability to access and request changes to an up-to-date schedule online, and the more efficient scheduling process has freed up time for our management team to focus on key operational issues and building sales."

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