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New York's Crosby Street Hotel Opens with Custom HDVOD and Interactive TV

Tim and Kit Kemp, owners of Firmdale Hotels, have gained a reputation for creating the hippest boutique hotels in London. And for their first venture outside of London, the new Crosby Street Hotel in New York City's SoHo district, they've implemented a number of new touches, including high definition video on demand and interactive television from KoolConnect.

In just a few short years, Firmdale has gained an international reputation due to the unique look and style of their London properties, each of which provide an impressive mix of modern and antique elements that have been admiringly referred to as an "English eccentric look." No two of Firmdale's properties are the same and for their 7th property and first outside of London, they've successfully combined some of the finest elements of their British designs with an unmistakably New York flair.

One of these new elements is the addition of KoolConnect's Intrigue HDVOD and Interactive TV solution. In addition to offering guests access to nearly 100 movies, including many in HD and several still in theatrical release, the main appeal of the KoolConnect system was its customization and the way in which it complimented the hotel's design.

"While we have just 86 rooms, we have approximately 40 different design schemes, so as you can see, image and atmosphere are very important to us," says Mark Rupert Read of Firmdale. "We were very impressed with the work that KoolConnect had done at other upscale hotels but what really sold us was their ability to fully customize the TV experience to reflect our vision and goals for our in-room experience."
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