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New Tool Streamlines Job Orders to Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Meeting hotel guests' demands quickly, accurately and professionally is key to business success and customer loyalty. For that reason, Systems Associates Inc. (SAI) has developed an enhancement to its maintenance management system that delivers a proactive, convenient and accurate way to report problems so staff can take action before the guest is exposed to the problem. Called SynergyMMS Enterprise Voice, the tool captures work requests entered by phone from anywhere on property via a multilingual interface, and creates work orders and dispatches service requests in real-time.
SAI is a cloud-based provider of building automation systems for energy management and hotel maintenance. SynergyMMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to enhance asset life and longevity by creating "synergy" between maintenance, engineering and housekeeping staff for enhanced workflow and communications.
Users dial an extension and enter their ID code. That number forwards to a toll-free line, and the system responds in their preferred language. Users choose a code from a reference card that matches a keyword describing the problem. The SynergyMMS Enterprise Voice server processes the request and communicates with the SynergyMMS database server. Work requests are automatically created, and the details then flow from the database server to the work station at the property. Instructions are then dispatched to the appropriate team member. 

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