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New Tool Helps Hotels Create Good Customer Experiences Before Guests Arrive

GuestCentric, the leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing software for hotels, announced today GuestCentric Hotel Messenger. GuestCentric Hotel Messenger is an innovative chat tool that allows guests to interact with hotels after booking, providing them with a personalized and interactive communication channel even before arriving at the hotel.
Simple, yet incredibly powerful, this new chat tool will allow hotels to deliver a personalized experience to their guests by providing quick replies to their questions. The integration of GuestCentric Hotel Messenger with a GuestCentric’s click-to-book tool enables easy conversion into direct bookings.
A key component of the new tool is that it does not require any application downloads. Fast, and easy to start from any device, the handy interface sends an email to the hotel of every message sent, so that messages don’t go unanswered.
GuestCentric Hotel Messenger is immediately available and free of charge for all GuestCentric premium customers.
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