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New Loyalty Program Upgrade Allows Restaurants to Text Rewards

Granbury Restaurant Solutions (GRS) has announced upgrades to its SalesBuilder Restaurant Marketing System, a fully automated marketing and loyalty solution that integrates seamlessly with point-of-sale systems to make it easy for restaurant owners to track, communicate with and reward their customers via email and text message.

The latest release includes powerful upgrades to the Enterprise management features of the marketing system, including improved reporting tools, improved user management, and easy local store marketing templates with corporate control over broadcast approval and blackout dates.
The loyalty features of the product received an upgrade as well.  Message triggers allow restaurant owners to target users based on a variety of behavior factors such as spending levels and time since last visit.  Now, the “Near a reward” trigger lets restaurants communicate to customers at a critical point to encourage frequency, and tighter point-of-sale integration with GRS products gives added flexibility to reward customers based on specific products purchased.   
New “multi-use” award features allow restaurant owners greater creativity in issuing permanent benefits for customers based on their spending levels or other demographic characteristics.   
Restaurant owners can now set “double or triple point” times of day to promote traffic during slower times. The new version also includes an internal multi-store gift card program, which allows restaurant owners to offer pre-paid accounts / cards with no additional processing fees.   Gift card holders can be easily invited to join the loyalty program.
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