New Hapi Salesforce Apps Accelerate Value Delivery for Hotel Companies

Hapi, the hospitality industry’s leading platform for fast and cost-effective connectivity between technology systems, has launched two new applications available today on the Salesforce AppExchange – Hapi Guest For Marketing Cloud and Hapi Guest Analytics. In addition to the core application, Hapi Guest For Salesforce, hoteliers now have additional out-of-the-box functionality to provide more insight into their data and the ability to create 360-degree marketing campaigns to convert more demand.

Travelers are returning to the roads with new and higher guest expectations amid a time when hotel companies are struggling to staff their properties. Salesforce CRM – enabled through secure, two-way integration with the Hapi platform – allows hoteliers to dramatically improve the guest experience at every touchpoint in a centralized manner. Through Hapi Guest, your PMS data – reservation, guest profile, preferences, past stay revenue, etc. – is now available in Salesforce in real time, allowing you to analyze and action it with Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more. Hapi Guest ensures confidence in a timely and accurate implementation delivered by a team with decades of hospitality technology knowledge. 

Prior to Hapi Guest For Salesforce, a key roadblock for hotel companies to offer personalized marketing campaigns was centralizing guest profiles and preferences across their various systems. With Hapi Guest For Salesforce, data is normalized, de-deduped and shared with Salesforce in a two-way environment. Now hoteliers can:

  • Utilize two-way, real-time connectivity between Salesforce and the Hapi platform, including 12 Property Management Systems and more than 80 partner tech providers, to deliver a unified view of each guest with Hapi Guest For Salesforce
  • Leverage an out-of-the-box, hotel-ready solution for omni-channel guest engagement that accelerates time to ROI with Hapi Guest For Marketing Cloud
  • Tap into the most advanced data visualization for reporting and analytics with Hapi Guest Analytics

Several leading hotel companies across the globe, including Langham Hospitality Group, Margaritaville, Great Wolf Resorts and Staypineapple Hotels, have turned to Hapi Guest for Salesforce to deliver clean data to the world’s leading CRM.

 “For the most part, hotel companies can't manually build guest recognition programs without a CRM to store guest preferences and profiles,” says Hapi CEO Luis Segredo. “Now, Hapi Guest For Salesforce allows hoteliers to share their portfolio-wide data with the world's leading CRM, and now Hapi Guest For Marketing Cloud and Hapi Guest Analytics allows them to action and visualize that data with extreme precision.  Hapi apps combined with Salesforce create a productized Hotel CRM solution”

 With Hapi Guest For Salesforce, hoteliers have one centralized location to access all of their portfolio-level customer data, including customized dashboards and reports for each department across hotel operations. Now teams can build marketing campaigns that convert at a higher rate, and then track performance through eye-catching trend charts.

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