NCR Adds Contactless Ordering, Payment

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

NCR Corp. introduces technology that builds diners’ confidence by empowering them to both order and pay via their own mobile device.

NCR is leveraging its point of sale and restaurant management platform, NCR Aloha, to deliver contactless ordering and payment.

The solution allows restaurant guests to scan a QR code at the table to access the menu, place an order and pay all from the convenience of their own device. Loyalty members can also easily earn and redeem their rewards, and restaurants collect valuable data that can be used to deepen and personalize interactions with their guests.

“We rolled out contactless dine-in ordering at Coupa Cafe locations in Palo Alto, Stanford University, Redwood City and Los Altos, [California]. Customers are able to scan the QR code at our socially distanced outdoor tables, view the menu and place their order right from their phones,” said JP Coupal, co-founder of Coupa Café. “Customers enjoy this experience as it minimizes contact in every possible way.”

For the restaurant, orders are routed directly to the kitchen, helping service run smoothly and increasing tips by 2-3% on average.

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