AI, Payment, POS: interview with NCR at MURTEC 2020

NCR's latest innovations for restaurants includes the ability to take payments based on facial recognition.

Analytics, Data, Reporting: interview with Rosnet 2020 MURTEC

Tom Brown with Rosnet shares the the skinny on Rosnet's powerful back office solution -- data analytics, sales, inventory, labor management and scheduling. Working on vendor ordering to be a one-stop shop.

Back of House, Food Safety: interview with TransAct Technologies MURTEC 2020

See TransAct's new BOHA! solution at work for back-of-house automation, including temperature checks and digitized food safety.

Back of House Restaurant Management: interview Crunchtime MURTEC 2020

Crunchtime is bringing its enterprise back of house (BOH) capabilities to emerging brands, now helping both large and small restaurants achieve 2% - 5% percent reduction in food and labor costs.

Contactless Ordering and Payment: interview with Ready to Pay 2020 MURTEC

Ready to Pay Contactless Ordering and Payment connects diners directly to your menu on their phone. No kiosk, no cash and no cards required. MURTEC 2020

Contactless, POS: Interview with TASK MURTEC 2020

TASK releases digital dine-in, empowering customers to control more elements of their visit from the security of their own smartphone.

Customer Engagement: interview with Yumpingo at MURTEC's Start Up Alley

Yumpingo is a suite of real-time customer engagement services.

Customer Engagement, Loyalty App: interview with Punchh 2020 MURTEC

Driving customer engagement can add up. Imagine being able to take anonymous customers and convert them into loyal users. With Punchh, you can! See why top brands choose Punchh for their loyalty app and more in this booth video from MURTEC 2020.

Customer Engagement Service: interview with Ovation MURTEC 2020

Does this situation sound familiar? Strangers come in the door of your restaurant, strangers go out the door. With Ovation, you can fix change that. HT's Anna Wolfe interviews Ovation at MURTEC's Start Up Alley about its customer engagement platform.

Data, Enterprise POS, Integrations: interview with Qu Beyond 2020 MURTEC

Qu Beyond's data-centric platform is designed to solve enterprise and menu management, fragmented ordering, production, facilitates integrations and more for restaurant brands.

Data: interview with CFO2 MURTEC 2020

CFO2 provides actionable data insights at the restaurant manager level.

Data, Restaurant Management: interview with QSR Automations MURTEC 2020

QSR Automation's business intelligence tool aggregates FOH and BOH data and providing operators with better insight into operations.

Digital Ordering, Customer Experience: interview with Koala 2020 MURTEC

Koala provides restaurant brands with digital ordering channels across web, kiosk and app that is quick to deploy and integrated into POS and loyalty. Guests can be up and running within a matter of weeks. MURTEC 2020

Edge Computing Platforms: interview with Reliant MURTEC 2020

Learn how Reliant is helping restaurants with Edge Computing Platforms.

Managed Mobile Services interview with Stratix MURTEC 2020

This non-stop mobility company helps restaurants with full life-cycle management for their mobile device ecosystem. Interview with Stratix, MURTEC 2020

Mobile POS: interview with PAR Technology Brink POS - 2020 MURTEC

Everything you know and love about the Brink POS desktop software product is going mobile. Put the power of the back office in your back pocket. MURTEC 2020 interview with PAR Technology

MSP, SD Wan Networking: interview with HughesOn

HughesOn Jeff Bradbury shares how savvy restaurant operators are using technology to overcome labor challenges and assist with training in the restaurant marketplace. Also, Restaurant Tech Study (3 min) revealed 6 big challenges facing restaurants. If you're looking for more IT, more skilled resources. the ability to deliver faster, overcome legacy drag, there is a solution.

Networking Security: interview with SageNet MURTEC 2020

Learn how your restaurant can consolidate and simplify security solutions under one umbrella with SageNet

Online Ordering integrated into POS: interview with Chowly MURTEC 2020

Online Ordering integrated into POS. Third party delivery is streamlined with Chowly. Chowly integrates with 150+ online ordering platforms and 30+ POS systems.

Payments: Interview with Adyen MURTEC 2020

Adyen's global payment platform eases rollouts for franchises and was recently selected by Subway (27,000 locations!) and McDonald's.

Payments: interview with Pax Technology MURTEC 2020

Learn about what makes Pax unique in the payments space, and get a preview of a variety of their form factors including tableside payment, Integrated all-in-one; mobile function tablet-based terminals, and all-in-one ordering kiosk.

POS: interview with Appetize MURTEC 2020

What makes this cloud-based POS system unique? Light weight, low cost service. Android based. Easily roll-out to all drive-thrus in a region in three minutes.

POS, Drive-Thru: interview with StickyPOS MURTEC 2020

Interested in improving your speed and order accuracy? StickyPOS is the solution. Self-cleaning receipt paper is helping restaurants improve the accuracy of their online, off-premises and drive-thru orders.

POS Hardware: interview with Logic Controls MURTEC 2020

Logic Controls offers restaurants complete POS and KDS hardware and software solutions. The one-stop shop offers top-notch manufacturing, warehouse and technical support in the USA.

POS: interview with Elo MURTEC 2020

Unified architecture for restaurants. One Android or Windows, one architecture runs consistently on all products. This makes it easy to deploy, easy upgrades, can deploy one touchpoint at a time. Simple and modular solutions for self-service, POS, KDS. MURTEC 2020

POS: interview with Oracle MURTEC 2020

Preview Oracle's latest POS devices and features such as the ability to manage third-party transactions.

POS: interview with PDQ MURTEC 2020

Drawing on its roots as a POS provider for the pizza industry, PDQ POS from Signature Systems stands out for its longevity and technical backbone. MURTEC 2020

POS: interview with Squirrel Systems at MURTEC 2020

The company with deep roots in restaurant POS has rolled out new solutions at MURTEC 2020.

POS Loyalty: interview with TOAST MURTEC 2020

Learn about what makes Toast unique in the market, helping them drive down upfront costs. Online digital ordering, kiosks, loyalty, gift cards and hardware are some of the Toast offerings. MURTEC 2020

POS, Open API: interview with Revel Systems at 2020 MURTEC

Cloud-based POS and the future of open API integrations and payments. Joe Woods with Revel Systems at MURTEC 2020

POS, Payments: interview with Payfacto 2020 MURTEC

Learn about Payfacto, the company that recently acquired two POS systems, including Veloce POS and Posera Maitre'D POS. The company now offers a secure table-pay payments gateway that integrates with more than 40 POS systems, and an order and pay at the table solution that is new for 2020.

POS Peripherals Printers: interview with Epson America MURTEC 2020

Epson America's is a leading provider of printers and POS receipt printers. NEw: Epson's TM-L90II LFC is a flexible and versatile thermal label printer that supports both liner-free printing and receipt printing. These removable, repositionable receipts can be used to label food and orders to ensure accuracy.

POS Peripherals Printers: interview with Star Micronics MURTEC 2020

Jim Levin shares how Star Micronics is helping restaurants solve the unique problems they face in connecting peripherals, printers to modern, tablet POS devices. MURTEC 2020

Restaurant Management: interview with Checkit MURTEC 2020

Consistency, improve productivity, compliance, Checkit takes paper tasks and digitizes them for consistency and improved productivity. Line temps checks, paired into application.

Restaurant Management: interview with HungerRush RMS, formerly Revention POS MURTEC 2020

HungerRush, formerly Revention, is a complete restaurant management system. Beyond POS. Full solution for online ordering, loyalty, marketing, inventory, scheduling, partnering with best of breed to ensure that whatever restaurants want to use, HungerRush is able to integrate and deliver.

Restaurant Management POS: interview with Altametrics MURTEC 2020

Web-based enterprise solution for the restaurant industry - inventory, scheduling, ordering, analytics, BI for top brands including Peet's Coffee.

Restaurant Management, Workforce: interview with Hot Schedules powered by Fourth MURTEC 2020

HotSchedules Powered by Fourth has been supercharged with a full suite back-office management solutions, scheduling, labor optimization, payroll, process management

Workforce, Automatic Tip Distribution: interview with TipHaus 2020 MURTEC Start Up Alley

The TipHaus system confirms all the tips and sales are correct and eliminates editing employee tips and the use of spreadsheets or any other manager interaction or handling of tips.

Workforce: interview with Harri MURTEC 2020

Harri is the only employee onboarding and engagement solution solving for Fair Workweek legislation right now.

Workforce: interview with Kronos MURTEC 2020

Kronos Workforce Dimensions - a dashboard of KPIs that would be of value to managers - letting them make split-second decisions for restaurant operations.