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MURTEC Executive Insight: A Toolkit for Ordering, Payments, Loyalty, Marketing & Customer Insights

Our post-MURTEC 2022 series of Executive Insight interviews features thought leadership from some of the restaurant industry's top innovative solutions providers.
Mr Yum
Kim Teo, CEO and Co-Founder, Mr Yum

Tell us about Mr Yum’s mission?

Mr Yum’s mission is to create the best toolkit for hospitality and entertainment in the world.

This toolkit is more than just QR code mobile ordering, but encompasses a suite of features for hospitality and entertainment venues, including payments, loyalty, marketing and customer insights.

Founded in late 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, Mr Yum led the way with web-first mobile ordering and popularized QR codes in a Western dine-in context long before the pandemic ushered in the mainstream adoption of their use.

As a first-mover, Mr Yum has now become the category leader for mobile ordering, payments and growth tools.

What are you featuring at MURTEC?

We’re demonstrating why venues that use Mr Yum see average order size increase by 20-40%, through the use of beautiful imagery of menu items along with powerful cross selling and upselling functionality.

The Mr Yum team led by CEO and co-founder Kim Teo will showcase Mr Yum’s industry-leading innovations and illustrate why the platform has been successfully adopted in all types of venues, including casinos (Sahara Las Vegas), theaters (Magic Mike Live), restaurants and bars such as E.P & L.P and Stings of Life in Los Vegas along with shopping centers, cinemas, cruise ships and airports.

What are some challenges restaurants are facing today?  And how does your product help?

Labor shortages and increasing minimum wages are forcing restaurants and venues to adapt their service model. The pandemic and lockdowns triggered the mass adoption of online ordering technology. It heralds an industry-wide transformation in the way people pay for food and drinks.

The hospitality industry has been faced with shrinking margins since well before COVID. Mr Yum’s mission is to help venues make the numbers work by solving some of the industry’s most critical problems.

Mr Yum’s ordering and payment platform removes the more administrative tasks of hospitality such as taking orders and organizing the bill at the end. This leaves staff free to create more meaningful experiences for guests and deliver great hospitality - and results in increases to average order size of up to 40 per cent. A win-win scenario for the venue and customer alike.

Mr Yum creates efficiencies in service interactions, with those that remain more meaningful interactions than simply transactional. It’s about “time shifting” -  service staff don’t  spend less face time with customers, but spend it in a more meaningful way. 

This increases tips, average spend and helps drive repeat venue visitation.

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