Multimedia Plus Launches Daily Health Check Module for Frontline Associates

Multimedia Plus, a retail technology leader empowering field associates to engage with customers for optimal brand experiences, has launched a new module to the INCITE platform focused on improving health safety standards in the store with historical tracking. 

“Part of adjusting to a ‘new normal’ is ensuring that frontline associates feel comfortable coming to work and that shoppers feel that there are guidelines in place that are keeping everyone healthy. Our clients reached out to us to help manage the daily task of employee health screenings in a quick and easy way. This new model is simple to use and keeps confidential historical records, so it’s an easy to implement step in a sophisticated and continuously moving situation,” David Harouche, CTO, CEO, and founder of Multimedia Plus.

The employee pre-shift screening questionnaire is answered by associates quickly and easily upon arrival on either their personal phone or enterprise device.  After answering a five-question assessment, the Daily Health Check will immediately display a “Green Pass” to indicate they're clear or a “Red Stop Sign” to signal the screening associate or manager.  All confidential records are maintained electronically for historical reference.

MMP’s Daily Health Check was developed in response to feedback from retail and hospitality clients and results from a recent survey “The Surprising Spending: Retail & Hospitality COVID-19 Impact Survey” which revealed that 75% of respondents in the retail and hospitality industries feel that employee training is their highest priority initiative.  “As situations change state by state, even county by county, communications must be fast and targeted to be effective. By adding the Daily Health Check module to existing training and communications, there is an additional layer of safety precautions,” comments Harouche.

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