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Multi-flag Operator Boosts Operating Efficiency and Guest Service Scores

The North Central Group (NCG) operates 26 company-owned upscale and select service hotels within the Hilton and Marriott families and is recognized as a premier management company known for personal service and an emphasis on sustainable practices. In June 2011, the company added SystemsPro’s hotel ServicePro cloud-based mobile technology to boost its overall guest service scores 5.5 percent and raise its operating standards even higher.
The goal was to use mobile technology to eliminate paperwork as much as possible and establish real-time company-wide communications for faster response to guest requests.   
NCG’s team tested several hotel management systems to evaluate functionality, ease of use, and price to make its decision.  hotel ServicePro helped 26 hotels within the NCG family see guest service scores jump 5.5% year-over-year. The North Central Group’s properties also use the system’s alert capability to personalize guest service.

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