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Motel 6 to Offer HD Satellite TV and HSIA to 500+ Properties

Motel 6, World Cinema, and DISH Network L.L.C. have completed a multi-year agreement through which DISH and World Cinema will deliver HD satellite TV service and high speed internet access to the motel chain’s more than 500 corporately owned and operated properties.
Based on Motel 6’s preferences, DISH tailored a smartbox™ solution that features channel options and scrolling guide functionality that will enrich each guest’s stay at the motel.
Motel 6 will now be able to provide HD quality video to all guests while also lowering its environmental impact through lower energy consumption.
Combining this tailored HD TV solution with World Cinema’s optimized internet service represents the future of in-room entertainment. Motel 6 guests will have the at-home experience at their fingertips.
DISH’s smartbox™ features the flexibility to support a custom combination of legacy analog and HD channels at the same property, while easily reconfigured to meet future expansion and technology needs. By enabling new feature downloads via satellite, smartbox™ can support the latest upgrades without the need for new equipment. With a compact form factor, smartbox™ takes up considerably less space and uses significantly less power than other solutions.
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