Molekule and InterContinental San Francisco Partner to Give Hotel Guests a Better Night’s Sleep

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Molekule, an innovator in clean air purification, and InterContinental San Francisco®, a four-star, 556-room hotel in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, announced a program to bring clean air and better sleep to hotel guests. InterContinental San Francisco will place Molekule’s air purification devices, which destroy air pollutants at the molecular level, in 30 guest rooms over the next four months to assess sleep quality and allergy symptoms.

The hospitality industry is constantly innovating to create the most luxurious in-room guest experience possible and discovering new ways to improve how guests sleep is a top priority. Historically, efforts to improve sleep quality have centered around high-quality linens, deluxe mattresses and noise-cancelling technology, but research shows that air pollution can also cause poor sleep. With the EPA reporting that indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air, ensuring a clean indoor air environment is critical to providing an excellent guest experience.

“InterContinental is Molekule’s first hotel partnership, and signals a greater need to bring clean air solutions outside of the home,” said Dilip Goswami, CEO of Molekule. “Between high foot traffic, the frequent use of cleaning products, and windows that cannot be routinely opened, hotels face unique challenges when it comes to air quality. InterContinental’s focus on ensuring clean and healthy air showcases their commitment to creating the best possible guest experience, and ensures that travelers are provided clean air solutions while sleeping away from their homes. Together, we hope to not only allow guests to sleep easier, but offer relief for visitors suffering from respiratory issues like asthma and allergies.”

Molekule’s air purification technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), destroys pollutants, such as bacteria, mold, dust and toxic gasses (VOCs), and eliminates them from the air we breathe. Based on decades of rigorous research and development, PECO is a revolutionary solution to the industry standard HEPA filter that traps pollutants on the surface of a filter where they continue to survive and re-release back into the air. To analyze the technology’s impact, participating InterContinental San Francisco guests can volunteer to log and share their sleep and breathing experience before and after their hotel stay.

“Molekule has proven to be a leader in clean air purification devices. Their PECO technology is unlike anything we’ve seen on the marketplace, and is an ideal innovation for providing the hospitality industry with not just clean air, but a solution for destroying allergens, mold, bacteria, and airborne chemicals that affect the way guests sleep,” said Peter Koehler, General Manager of InterContinental San Francisco. “We’re excited to partner with Molekule as part of our recently completed top-to-bottom renovation and continue to bring the latest in innovative technologies to our guests.”

InterContinental is the first hotel to partner with Molekule to improve sleep quality through indoor air purification. This pilot program is anticipated to reach more than 1,000 InterContinental San Francisco hotel guests between January and May 2019. Together with Molekule, InterContinental is taking a new, innovative approach to better sleep quality by providing cleaner indoor air for hotel guests.