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MobileFirst Hospitality Platform

Tacit logo

Company: Tabit Technologies

Product Name: TabitPad

Contact: [email protected] 

Website: Tabit.Cloud

Tabit is a payment agnostic all-in-one solution for restaurants that replaces their existing Point-of-Sale system and leverages mobile connectivity to streamline restaurant operations, extend sales opportunities, and elevate the overall experience for operators and their customers. Tabit also enables new types of restaurant payment methods to offer guests the greatest convenience while giving restaurants the advantage of greater operational efficiency.

Types of Payment Methods:

☑️ Swipe & tap card tableside

☑️ Pay by Venmo 

☑️ Pay by Apple or GooglePay

☑️ Pay by SMS text 

☑️ Pay by QR Code

Being payment agnostic allows restaurants the flexibility of choosing a payment solution that works best for their needs and budget. This MobileFirst hospitality platform has the tools to support restaurant customers with everything they need to run a successful business.

Restaurants are looking to adapt to post-pandemic trends now more than ever. Tabit provides them with the ability to:

• Increase the average per person check by 15%

• Reduce labor on the floor by 25%

• Eliminate server mistakes by 80-90%

• Lower table turn-time by 12-15 minutes all using one solution from the palm of their hand.

Tabit uses business intelligence, point-of-sale technology (POS), and mobile applications to provide holistic solutions that streamline the entire restaurant ecosystem, increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.

“When we switched to Tabit we acquired an elevated level of service since our servers are able to easily flow through the order-taking process and deliver a more personalized experience. We chose Tabit because their mobile platform allows us to streamline reporting for the restaurant and hotel operations while providing a more sophisticated, upscale service to our guests while fitting in with Gianni’s luxury aesthetic.” —Daniel Tamir, Director of Finance, Gianni’s at the Former Versace Mansion, Victor Hotels Management

At-a-Glance Information:

Technology/solution type: A mobile point of sale system with FOH and BOH functionality and reporting.

Top 5 Most Innovative Features:

• TabitPad is a fully mobile point-of-sale solution eliminating the need for permanent server stations and brings the point-of-sale table-side with complete contactless functionality.

• Payment Agnostic – you choose your own payment processor.

• Tabit has a suite of 12 products to bring for a 360-degrees integrated ecosystem bringing efficiencies to every interaction point with the customer from FOH to BOH. 

• Built-in sales tools help servers increase guest spend and enhance customer experience, all while enabling faster table turns. 

• Ability to provide real-time reporting of KPIs that are vital for operations management, keeping leadership always up to date.

Full-service restaurants customers include:


• Sugar Factory

• Max Brenner

• Giannis at the Versace Mansion

• Novikov

• Serafina Restaurant

• El Dorado

• Palace Bar

• Roots Southern Table by Chef Tiffany Derry