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Mitsubishi Electric US Introduces Touch Free Elevator Call System

In this era of COVID-19, touch-free call interface with elevators can protect passengers and make them more comfortable. To that end, Mitsubishi Electric created a smartphone application that is designed for users to have a more personalized, seamless experience with elevators that are equipped with the Mitsubishi Electric Sigma AI 2200C Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS®). With the application, users who have passed their entrance security checkpoint have the ability to call an elevator remotely from anywhere in the building, utilizing an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The application displays the user’s assigned elevator, its current status and alerts the passenger as the elevator car approaches to assist in touch-free, smooth boarding.

The application offers increased convenience and mobility through innovative features such as:

  • ID Card Call – allows users to sync their security-issued ID cards to call an elevator directly to their office floor upon swiping for entry into the building
  • Smartphone Call – provides users with the option to call an elevator from anywhere in the building and set both the arrival and destination floors in advance
  • Call Status – tracks the status of the users’ assigned elevator in real time and sends a notification alert to their smartphone upon its arrival

The system is equivalent to holding the elevator controls in the palm of your hand, and eliminates the need to directly interact with the elevator fixtures, providing additional health benefits. Users can also set a default call mode for specific needs, for example, to request cars that are wheelchair accessible.

The smartphone application is designed to be customizable based on individual user needs. Default settings selected upon application download can be easily changed by the user as needs change.

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