Mighty Taco Taps AfterWords’ Guest Survey Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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 Mighty Taco, a Mexican-style fast-food restaurant chain with 21 U.S. locations, partnered with AfterWords to implement its guest survey and recovery software.

AfterWords and Mighty Taco began their relationship with a focus of gaining more insight from Mighty Taco customers in order to enhance their overall customer experience. After the implementation of AfterWords in November, Mighty Taco recognized significant improvements in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Afterwords is an intelligent survey platform that enables real-time service recovery. Using transactional history and customer feedback, it delivers insight that improves operations, sales and profitability. With AfterWords, a business can ask their customers survey questions specific to what they purchased. AfterWords has been specifically designed for restaurant and retail environments to easily integrates with some of the most popular Cloud POS platforms.  

“The state-of-the-art technologies leveraged by AfterWords, combined with their forward thinking, has enabled Mighty Taco management to be immediately notified, in both text messages and e-mail formats, of a customer whose expectations were not met,” said Russell Jasulevich, the CEO from Mighty Taco. “Our rapid recovery response to the customer, typically by telephone or e-mail, has wowed our customers, enabled us to quickly resolve any issue, and has helped underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction.”