Middleby Partners with Vyv to Offer Proprietary Antimicrobial Technology

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

The Middleby Corporation has struck a license agreement with Vyv, for use of the company’s proprietary, antimicrobial LED technology within Middleby food processing, commercial, and residential products. Middleby and Vyv are working to embed and deploy Vyv antimicrobial lighting technologies to create cleaner food environments.

Vyv is a continuous antimicrobial LED technology which greatly reduces the growth and presence of bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. Because the innovation does not use ultraviolent light, it is certified to international standards for continuous and unrestricted use around people, plants and animals.

Vyv has a broad product portfolio, offering comprehensive environmental protection through their White Antimicrobial+Light overhead LED light fixtures. Harnessing LED technology provides additional benefits to customers with an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable antimicrobial approach to continuous microbe reductions.

Through this partnership, Middleby and Vyv are positioned to deliver cleaner food preparation environments by introducing Middleby products with embedded Vyv LEDs and in the surrounding environments with an extensive assortment of overhead antimicrobial lighting fixtures for processing plants, commercial kitchens and any foodservice facility.

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