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MICROS Acquisition Makes Oracle Leading Retail POS Provider

With the pending acquisition of MICROS, Oracle will become the new leader in retail POS software according to Boston Retail Partners’ 2014 POS/Customer Engagement Survey results. Combined, the two companies account for 19% of the retail POS software installation base.

Oracle’s largest acquisition since it acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 demonstrates the attractiveness of industries it considers to be ripe for technology transformation and growth.
This move sparks several questions that are worthy of debate:
  • What changes in technology make retail/QSR/hospitality attractive enough for Oracle to invest $5.3 billion?
  • How will the combination of Oracle and MICROS truly benefit retailers?
  • How will SAP respond to this move?
  • Will they make a similar acquisition, and if so, what company would be a good fit?

“The retail industry is on the verge of a significant transformation from a customer engagement and technology perspective, which makes it a compelling investment opportunity for companies like Oracle,” stated Walter Deacon, Principal, Boston Retail Partners. “Consumers will expect real-time retail capabilities that deliver a seamless shopping experience wherever, and whenever, they shop. 
Oracle’s addition of MICROS store applications, combined with its existing enterprise, analytics, eCommerce and cloud capabilities, hold the promise to offer a complete solution making ‘real-time retail’ a reality. A key determinator of success, will be the integration of the two companies’ commerce technologies.
“Oracle has extensive capabilities and experience in enterprise retail software and the addition of MICROS expands its portfolio to become the de facto leader in retail POS software,” stated Ken Morris, Principal, Boston Retail Partners. “With the advancements made in network reliability, virtual POS applications are prime for adoption in the retail space. Networks are ready to change retail as we know it – just like they transformed the banking industry with ATMs.” 
With Oracle’s enterprise cloud infrastructure, it is positioned to extend its cloud capabilities to retail store applications like POS.
“Oracle and SAP have been fierce software competitors in many industries and retail is a key battleground,” stated Ken Claflin, Executive Vice President, Boston Retail Partners. “It will be interesting to see if SAP responds with a similar acquisition or adds new capabilities that differentiate them from Oracle in this competitive market.”
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