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Menin Hospitality Selects RoomKey as MTA

Menin Hospitality has selected Ve-Go Technologies, Inc. as its preferred mobile travel agent (MTA) at the Gale & Regent South Beach and Bentley South Beach.  RoomKey allows guests to not only book a room, but also select their own room, check-in and control their entire stay from their mobile device.
Since January, guests of Gale & Regent South Beach have been able to check-in and select their own room prior to arrival with their smartphone.  Ve-Go Technologies, Inc. provides travelers the ability to control their own stay and allows front desk staff more time to engage with valued guests.
PMS-integration allows front desk staff to automate daily tasks and spend more time engaging with guests.  In addition, the Gale & Regent will integrate BTLE/iBeacon door locks for our mobile travelers.
Since January, there have been over 500 mobile check-ins at the Gale, including 100 international travelers.
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