The Melting Pot Decreases Website Bounce Rate by 30 Percent

Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., a fondue restaurant franchise, has unveiled a fully redesigned website, resulting in a 30 percent decrease in the website's bounce rate since August 2010.
"To build a foundation for this redesign, we polled consumers, all Melting Pot franchisees and our Restaurant Support Center staff to identify areas for site improvement, in addition to consulting our interactive marketing agency, Bayshore Solutions, to incorporate industry trends," says Rod James, national director of marketing and creative services for Front Burner Brands, restaurant management company for The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. "We identified an opportunity to provide a better user experience with a more intuitive, easier-to-navigate website inclusive of a more robust content management system."  
The Melting Pot partnered with Bayshore Solutions to design a more guest-friendly and visually appealing website and mobile version with more relevant content that educates guests on the unique Melting Pot dining experience, increasing consumer awareness through a detailed Internet marketing strategy.  The redesign also makes it easier for visitors to find information specific to local Melting Pot restaurants.
The website was developed with both guests and franchisees in mind using Bayshore Solutions' WebModules content management system with several custom-designed elements and an ecommerce system. With the WebModules content management system, all Melting Pot franchise owners have access to a secure administration area where they can manage market-level content such as local specials and events.
In addition to decreasing the website's bounce rate, the redesign has resulted in a 50 percent increase in the average time a user spends on the site and a 27 percent increase in page views per visit year over year. Search engine traffic to the site has increased by 25 percent. In line with industry trends, mobile visitors have increased 187 percent since August 2010.
"Working with Bayshore Solutions, we've implemented rich tracking mechanisms to trace user activity on every page of the website," says James. "This data will allow us to continually optimize and refresh"
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