Mealco Launches Operations Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Mealco is launching its AI-driven platform in the U.S. after six months of beta testing. Mealco's technology enables restaurants to streamline operations, increase brand offerings and optimize their online presence to maximize customer reach.

Over 250 restaurants in 80 U.S. cities currently use Mealco to increase their revenue.

With Mealco, restaurants convert their back-of-house resources into a digital-friendly operation that can handle the high demand of online delivery, while keeping existing staff in place. This ultimately enables restaurants to create new revenue streams and maximize their bottom line.

[Online Ordering: Digital Demands Present New Challenges, Opportunities for Restaurants]

“Our outlook is that online ordering will continue to grow,” said David Portalatin, the NPD Group’s food industry advisor and author of Eating Patterns in America, in an interview with HT.  Future increases will be more tempered and “not triple-digit growth.”  Digital order for pickup is almost three times larger than ordering for delivery. ”Both are growing. It is a very sticky behavior,” Portalatin explains.

Mealco's benefits to restaurants include:

  • Streamlined operations and managed inventory 
  • Simplified interactions with third-party delivery app
  • End-to-end online presence management

Even so, restaurants remain plagued by operational inefficiencies, underutilized staff and resources and costly delivery fees that result in restaurants losing money on each delivery order. 

"Mealco is a true partner to Koo with its proprietary marketplace platform that is clearly differentiated from other restaurant technology providers," said Vince Lam, Owner, Connecticut-based Koo Restaurant. "With minimal impact on our labor and resources, Mealco has provided us with a unique and simple solution to improve our operations in a market plagued with staffing challenges."

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