Maui Brewing Employee Receives GoTab’s Hospitality Service Award

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Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii’s largest craft brewery, and a team member of its flagship Kihei location, are recipients of GoTab's quarterly Hospitality Service Award, recognizing impeccable service while using technology to upgrade the guest experience. Designed to optimize experiences and efficiencies, GoTab is the only restaurant commerce platform that prioritizes the guest at the center of the experience.

Maui Brewing partnered with GoTab to enable profitable operations while simplifying the customer experience in order to drive long-term loyalty. Since partnering with GoTab earlier this year, Maui Brewing has achieved higher check averages, higher tips, and faster table turns.

Restaurant and tap room guests can place their orders and re-orders without getting back in line at the bar and can also pay at their convenience through GoTab’s mobile ordering and payment system, giving them control over their dine-in experience and eliminating the time it takes for servers to input orders and swipe payment cards manually.
By removing additional tasks such as inputting orders into a point-of-sale (POS) and processing payment, Maui Brewing team members are able to spend more time creating meaningful interactions with guests, answering questions about the menu and providing recommendations to build a memorable experience.

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Michael Cohen, Co-Server at Maui Brewing’s flagship Kihei location, is GoTab’s newest Hospitality Service Award winner.

This was the experience for GoTab’s newest Hospitality Service Award winner, Michael Cohen, Co-Server at Maui Brewing’s flagship Kihei location. “I’ve always believed the core of hospitality is leveraging knowledge and passion to enhance the guest experience,” said Cohen. “With GoTab eliminating so many extra steps involved with order-taking and payment processing, we are able to serve more people faster, and I am able to focus on building personal connections with guests to make the most of their time at Maui Brewing. Since we started using GoTab, we’ve had to increase our inventory of glasses and flight boards to meet demand.”

“At Maui Brewing, we’re always looking for ways to improve the guest experience while driving efficiency,” said Tony Ren, General Manager, Partner at Maui Brewing Co. Restaurants in Kihei. “GoTab’s easy-to-use solutions allow our guests to customize their dine-in experience to how they want it to be – whether traditional service, or the convenience to order, re-order and pay at their own pace. As a result, we’ve grown guest satisfaction through faster speed of service and more personalized hospitality from our servers, created operational efficiencies in the front- and back-of-house, and increased order frequency and check averages, all by incorporating easy-to-use technology into the dining experience.”

As recognition for his impeccable hospitality service at a GoTab-operated venue, Michael will receive a $2,000 cash prize along with recognition on the GoTab website, via a video testimonial, as well as a certificate and premium swag kit.

Nominations for the next GoTab Hospitality Service Awards will be accepted at

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