MarginEdge Forms Partnership with Barmetrix

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MarginEdge Forms Partnership with Barmetrix


One of the most challenging issues facing restaurant and bar operators is controlling costs, especially when it comes to liquor sales. Keeping track of inventory, reducing liquor loss and maintaining drink consistency all directly impact profitability, but these can be difficult to manage effectively on an ongoing basis.

With this in mind, MarginEdge and Barmetrix have announced a new partnership to integrate MarginEdge’s restaurant software with Barmetrix’s liquor control offering that includes bar consulting, on-site inventory management and pricing analysis. Like MarginEdge’s restaurant software, Barmetrix specializes in solving frustrating operational problems often accepted as part of doing business in the hospitality sector.

Barmetrix estimates it reduces liquor losses for its clients to less than 3%, compared to a current industry average of up to 20%. MarginEdge brings similar efficiencies and cost savings to restaurant operations, streamlining tedious tasks by using modern technology, integrated with existing systems, to save time and reduce errors.

Now, with MarginEdge, clients can combine the improved liquor management with all the purchasing and cost management features in MarginEdge, and in the end have a single comprehensive P&L.

MarginEdge and Barmetrix also share common values – both companies were founded by hospitality industry veterans who love the business and are passionate about changing outdated practices that prevent businesses from thriving.