Manthan Software and RichRelevance Announce Strategic Alliance

AI-powered cloud analytics software company Manthan, announces an expanded suite of Algorithmic Customer Experience solutions through a strategic alliance with personalization software provider RichRelevance. Manthan and RichRelevance have initiated a joint go-to-market now, and have set the path towards consolidating their businesses in the coming year, in compliance with applicable regulations.

Digital change is upon us, in the age of the empowered consumer. The first industry to confront this disruption is Retail, which is responding by embracing the need for data science in decisioning and making the shift to becoming an algorithmic enterprise. Retailers need to bring together their fragmented view of their customers across channels, personalize marketing engagement at every touch, as well as continuously optimize and individualize every customer touch point. Algorithmic businesses require the ability to automatically sense and process customer contexts in real time, and respond with personalized experiences based on machine learning models. A complete set of capabilities across data, analytics, seamless decisioning and real-time execution are today’s norm in winning digital-savvy, omni-channel businesses.

RichRelevance and Manthan together are expected to deliver an end-to-end Algorithmic Customer Experience marketing solution that includes the B2C Customer Data Platform, Retail Marketing and Merchandising solution, and Real-time Personalization with advanced data science. This comprehensive solution will help to enable retailers and brands to algorithmically discover new segments and target their most profitable customers, automatically test for and deliver the most relevant content and offers across all touchpoints, and manage and deploy data science models and do so at scale leveraging AI, with low or no involvement of IT.