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Maintenance Goes High Tech at TPI Hospitality

As the General Manager of the Holiday Inn Hotel + Suites in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Tracy Benesh is responsible for all aspects of the hotel’s operations and also must ensure that his hotel meets the standards set by TPI Hospitality, the hotel’s management group.

With nearly 40 properties in its portfolio, TPI Hospitality develops and manages hotels throughout Minnesota and Florida. At one time, each TPI Hospitality hotel relied on paper tracking and carbon copy maintenance request forms to fulfill and complete preventive maintenance and work orders.

“Each property had its own system and paper preventative maintenance checklist,” said Benesh. “Not only were we all operating on different systems, but our top-level management would need to physically visit each hotel to see how the hotel was performing.”

With a growing portfolio of properties across multiple regions, it became clear that TPI Hospitality needed a digital solution that could establish quality standards for each property that could be accessed remotely.

A colleague recommended Quore, a provider of hotel management software, to TPI Hospitality’s management team. With customizable preventive management templates and automatically generated work orders, Quore aggregates, streamlines and trends issues at both the property and the portfolio levels.

“When we implemented Quore at TPI’s properties, we created one ‘best of the best’ checklist based on all of the lists at each property and rolled it out to every hotel,” said Benesh. “Just this one step immediately created a sense of accountability on every level.”


TPI Hospitality also created a robust preventive maintenance schedule for the mechanical infrastructure assets across the portfolio.

“From the water heaters to the rooftop AC units, every piece of mechanical equipment is recorded with Quore and is put on a preventative maintenance (PM) schedule, so we know when belts need to be changed or parts need to be cleaned,” said Benesh. “Not only do we have this standardized reminder system at each hotel, everything is tracked electronically and able to be accessed from anywhere at any time.”

In addition to engineers, Quore provides front desk, housekeeping and on-site leaders with the tools they need to easily and quickly input data and make informed decisions on behalf of the brand through a digital logbook.

“Our staff is more informed today than ever before,” said Benesh. “We share comments in real time and are better equipped to help guests with an issue – whether it’s the elevator, a planned fire drill or a housekeeping request.”

With each General Manager responsible for ensuring the preventive maintenance process is maintained and executed, TPI Hospitality has increased accountability across the board through a clear set of standardized operating procedures. Each maintenance request is logged and tracked, automatically flagging systemic issues related to a room or mechanical component.

“Quore has not only increased our quality standards but has empowered every team and shift to operate as a cohesive unit more than ever before,” said Benesh. “We’re able to identify the root causes of issues faster, fix them quicker and prevent them – which saves us time and money while increasing guest satisfaction.”

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