M3 Announces Streak of New Partnerships Ahead of 20-Year Mark

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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M3, an accounting solution provider for hotels, announced a series of new and expanded partnerships to boost its portfolio of more than 5,200 hotels worldwide. Serving over 50% of the top management companies in the U.S., M3 secured new business contracts with the following:

  • Single-property deals: 

Significant single-property deals include dpM Hotels, LLC in Madison, WI; Rupal Hospitality in Niagara Falls, Ontario; M&E Hospitality in Augusta, GA; Loudan Hospitality Group; Tideline Ocean Resort in Palm Beach, FL, Flatiron Hotel in Manhattan; North Bay Inn in Coral Gables, FL and SIO’s Hilton Phoenix.

  • Multi-property additions:

Key multi-property additions include In-Group, Dora Hospitality, Lincoln Hotel Group, Sun Development and Management, Economos Properties, Safe Harbor Development, Pandey Hotel Corporation, FHA-Field Hotels, Apple Core Hotels, Summit Hospitality Group, and Vinayaka Hospitality Group.

In the coming months, M3 is poised to continue its 20-year legacy in the hospitality accounting sector by rolling out a series of new enhancements that will dramatically improve business insight for more than 13,000 users it serves.