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Luxury Hotel Brands Improve Day-to-Day Ops with Integrated Solution

Wanda Hotels & Resorts Co Ltd (“Wanda”), a global operator of luxury Chinese hospitality brands as well as one of the world's outstanding hotel ownership and management companies, selected an integrated solution from Newmarket International, Inc. (“Newmarket”) to improve their operations. In use for over one year, Wanda has seen significant improvement in its operations and grown its business by utilizing Delphi Global and Delphi Multi-Property Edition, MeetingBroker, and Delphi Diagrams.
Delphi Multi-Property Edition, the industry’s leading sales and catering solution, enables the Wanda corporate team to view business conducted at the property level while centrally managing property sales teams. Delphi Global is used by the regional sales team to manage their corporate customer relationships and opportunities.
MeetingBroker connects Delphi Global with Delphi Multi-Property Edition, facilitating opportunity business data to flow between the systems. This connection allows both the regional sales team and the property sales teams to better collaborate, enabling them to win business before the competition.
Delphi Diagrams empowers Wanda personnel to provide detailed information about its meeting space and room setups to clients, sent directly from Delphi. Collectively, the solutions from Newmarket help Wanda increase employee productivity, gain more insight to their business operations, and improve client satisfaction.
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