Lutron Introduces Its Code-Smart Guestroom System Featuring Guest Presence Detection

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Lutron Electronics introduces the Code-Smart Guestroom System featuring guest presence detection. Save energy and support meeting energy code without frustrating hotel guests – lights will not pop-on in the middle of the night, and HVAC will not drift unexpectedly. The new, Lutron code-smart guestroom lighting control system ensures a positive guest experience while delivering an easy-to-design, easy-to-install, budget-friendly solution.

Energy codes for sleeping units – such as guestrooms, dormitories, and even health care facilities – now often require automatic, energy-saving control of lighting, HVAC, and even receptacles. By combining state-of-the-art occupancy sensors with guest-presence detection software, the new Lutron Code-Smart Guestroom System easily supports meeting code without fear of lights turning on and off unexpectedly, or HVAC temperatures drifting uncomfortably.

“The Lutron Code-Smart Guestroom System is a complete room control package at a competitive
cost – easy to design for the electrical engineer, and easy to install for the contractor with no callbacks, no compromise, and no factory startup required,” said Kendell Clark, Hospitality Product Manager at Lutron Electronics. “The key to the system is guest presence detection that preserves the guest experience. Lutron delivers a code-smart solution that supports meeting code while keeping the guest happy.”

Energy codes vary widely – state-by-state, and even city-by-city. To support meeting major energy codes in your area – including ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and CA Title 24 Part 6 – the Code-Smart Guestroom System is available in two different packages:

  • One-circuit package – for codes that require lighting to turn off and HVAC to drift when the space becomes unoccupied
  • Two-circuit package – for codes that require lighting to turn off, HVAC to drift, and 50% of receptacles to de-energize when the space becomes unoccupied

The secret to the new Lutron code-smart offering is advanced guest presence detection which alleviates the most common customer pain points – master switch confusion, lights turning on/off unexpectedly, and fumbling for a keycard to turn lights/HVAC back on in the dark.

Lutron guest presence detection uses a combination of patented, Lutron XCT sensing technology, guestroom door activity, and advanced processing capability in a single system to precisely detect when the room is occupied, maintaining the guests’ preferred environment even when the guest is asleep and still.

Currently, many hotel guestrooms rely on a “Frankenstein solution” to deliver the required system-level control. Occupancy sensors, door contacts, as well as HVAC, lighting, and receptacle control are often provided by different manufacturers and may be controlled by different “brains” which can deliver inconsistent guest presence detection and a poor guest experience.

The Lutron Code-Smart Guestroom System consolidates that system intelligence – a single model number includes a control module, wireless receiver, occupancy sensors, and controllers to ensure superior, consistent system performance. This solution maintains the customer’s chosen device settings and keeps outlets energized as long as the guest is in the room. The guest experience stays consistent and comfortable with either Lutron or 3rd-party wall controls (dimmers or switches), thermostats, and outlets.

Specify the new Lutron Code-Smart Guestroom System to save energy, support meeting code, stick to your budget, and keep your guests happy, too. The Lutron Code-Smart Guestroom System can now be specified on your projects and will begin shipping immediately. For more information about the complete line of Lutron guestroom solutions, visit

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