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Los Cabos Hotels & Resorts Designated as World's First Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED Destination

Hotels and resorts earn this designation by verifying their health protocols on an ongoing basis across more than 360 expert-validated standards to minimize the risk and impact of public health events such as COVID-19.

Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, and the Los Cabos Tourism Board announced that Los Cabos – the region located along a 20-mile corridor on Mexico's Baja Peninsula – has achieved Sharecare health security verification, becoming the world's first VERIFIED™ travel destination. To achieve this designation, the Los Cabos Tourism Board successfully led an effort to make Sharecare health security verification with Forbes Travel Guide a universal standard among the region's hotels and resorts.

In Los Cabos, which encompasses the coastal towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, tourism is the heartbeat of the region; it not only comprises 80% of the local economy, but also 90% of residents rely on the industry in some form. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Cabos Tourism Board adopted several measures to prioritize the health and safety of visitors and the tourism workforce, while aiming to reduce the economic impact and business closures due to COVID-19. To welcome travelers back to the region's hotels and resorts with confidence and promote Los Cabos' economic vitality, the tourism board partnered with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide to launch a local initiative through which it encourages and supports each property in becoming Sharecare health security VERIFIED™. Hotels and resorts earn this designation by verifying their health protocols on an ongoing basis across more than 360 expert-validated standards to minimize the risk and impact of public health events such as COVID-19. As a result of the regional effort led by the tourism board, a majority of the hotels and resorts within its coverage area have achieved this verification to date.

"We are proud of the work done by all the hotels in Los Cabos to achieve the Sharecare verification. As Mexico's top luxury destination, we are committed to providing a safe travel environment. In addition to our own health and safety program, Los Cabos With Care, A Safer Way to Get Away, this VERIFIED™ badge will be influential in elevating Los Cabos' perception and providing confidence to international travelers looking for a safe and secure place to visit," said Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of Los Cabos Tourism Board. 

As a Sharecare health security VERIFIED™ hotel or resort, each property has earned the right to display the VERIFIED™ badge – an easily identifiable seal of approval that signals to guests and employees that the facility complies with public health protocols and best practices. Guests and travel booking agencies also can search for VERIFIED™ hotels and resorts in Los Cabos by visiting To date, more than 500 hotels, resorts, and venues in 50 countries have achieved health security verification from Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide. However, Los Cabos' status as the first VERIFIED™ destination reflects both the locally led effort to make health security verification a region-wide standard and the successful achievement of the VERIFIED™ badge by a majority of properties within its bounds.

"By taking this region-wide approach to health security verification, Los Cabos is building the confidence and assurance travelers need – as well as the workforce and communities who rely on these industries – to enjoy the benefits of travel while minding their well-being," said Hermann Elger, executive vice president and general manager of travel, entertainment, and health security at Sharecare. "On behalf of Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide, we commend the Los Cabos Tourism Board for its leadership in not only prioritizing the health and safety of those who live, work, and play within the region, but also promoting the livelihood of the Los Cabos tourism industry."

In addition to the VERIFIED™ badge achievement, Internova Travel Group is providing marketing support to Los Cabos hotels and resorts by recognizing the region's VERIFIED™ distinction through its SELECT Hotels & Resorts program. Through this program, Internova, which previously adopted the VERIFIED™ platform for the 50,000 hotels and resorts booked through its systems, brings exclusive consumer amenities to the world's most distinguished premium properties. 

"We are excited to partner with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide to promote our hotel programs in a destination that has put health security and safety at the forefront of the travel experience," said Faisal Sublaban, president and CEO of Bonotel Exclusive Travel, which includes Internova Travel Group's SELECT Hotels & Resorts and Worldwide Hotels programs. "The health security verification of Los Cabos will help restore confidence in travel, and, as travel resumes, Los Cabos will continue to be one of the most coveted destinations for travelers around the globe." 

Sharecare health security VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide is a comprehensive facility verification that addresses the critical need to establish confidence with guests and travel planners in the age of COVID-19 and beyond. Going far beyond basic facility standards, VERIFIED™ establishes a consistent global baseline for health security, covering health and hygiene protocols, cleaning products and procedures, ventilation, physical distancing, the guest experience, and health safety communication with guests and employees. Additionally, participating hotels have the option to track daily employee virus screening results and provide relevant tools for guests and visitors including clinically validated health screeners and information and updates on that facility's guidelines.

Learn more about the Los Cabos Tourism Board and its public health and safety efforts at        

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