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Long Range Systems Intros Advancements in Communications, Tracking and Measuring for Restaurants and Hotels

Long Range Systems (LRS) has announced four updates to the company’s solution portfolio. New solutions include the company’s next generation Guest Pager, and the latest in table location technology, wait list management and digital guest survey tools. The offerings represent a significant step in LRS’ mission of creating seamless integration between equipment, apps and services that help restaurants improve operations and enhance the guest experience.
LRS has launched a reimagined version of its legacy guest pager. The new pager is available in three options: Guest Pager, Guest Pager Pro and Guest Pager Note.
New features: include a modern, ergonomic form factor; improved durability from a more resilient case with a large rubber bumper and more rounded corners to better absorb shock; a two-way device that not only acknowledges but also confirms when a page is delivered, providing businesses a visual confirmation in an accompanying LRS transmitter or mobile application when a page is sent and more.
LRS has enhanced its Table Tracker solution in two ways – increased order management to support high-volume businesses and new in-app and online reporting.
Table Tracker is a table location system that allows fast casual and quick service restaurants to track where guests are sitting for fast and efficient tableside delivery. The system also allows restaurants to set and monitor benchmarks for delivery times in real time to know what orders need to be expedited or prioritized. The reporting function gives restaurants access to analytics to track performance over time.
Table Tracker gives restaurants the ability to manage multiple, functional displays that give independent views for to-go, dine-in, and kitchen areas; and it is also the only dual-functioning tracking and messaging device. If the guest is not sitting at a table, the device will buzz to notify the guest that their order is ready.
The latest version of Table Tracker supports high-volume businesses with up to 125 in-process orders at one time. Additionally, the system is able to actively page up to 50 trackers at a time. This is significant for large restaurant, cafeteria and food court operations needing to simultaneously track, locate, or page high numbers of customers. 
The newest release also provides new in-app and online reporting capabilities. Reporting can now be segmented and benchmarked to overlay and compare locations, order types, and shifts; and, track performance against benchmarks. The integrated online portal allows multi-unit corporate offices the opportunity to contrast unit performance, ensure brand quality, and measure each business unit against operational goals. The reports also allow management to analyze and optimize table configurations in the restaurant for maximum demand or under usage.
LRS also announced an updated version of On Cue for Restaurants (OCR), the only waitlist app that integrates with multiple hardware tools to form a complete table management solution.
When integrated with LRS guest pagers, OCR provides restaurant guests the option of being notified by either text message or by an LRS guest pager. New in version 2.0 is integration with Table Updater, a handheld device that allows staff to update table status from across the restaurant.  Also new is the ability to sync the app across multiple iPads in a single location.  
LRS has added the option of validation questions to Check Point, a tablet-based survey application that helps restaurants collect on-site customer feedback. Check Point contains a survey builder tool for users to craft questions that fit their specific business needs.
The latest version of Check Point allows management to add verification questions that must be answered prior to surveying a guest. This feature allows the business to collect key information about the guest such as their table number, server name or order type. With this information, the guest experience can be tracked against key metrics to determine specific issues with staff or operations.
The additional information also helps identify and address complaints immediately, before the guest leaves. The application can notify managers immediately via text message or an LRS messaging pager when guests leave a negative response, providing details on who, where and what the concern is, allowing management to talk with unhappy customers immediately and address their specific concerns.
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