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Long John Silvers’ New Drive-Thru Design Focuses on Tech

Long John Silver's new design includes the 'drive-thru of the future.'

Long John Silver’s, a quick-service seafood restaurant chain, is rolling out its new look that includes its “drive-thru of the future.”

Earlier this year, Long John Silver’s opened a new flagship location in Louisville, Ky. The new restaurant debuted Long John Silver’s new, refreshed look showcasing a new exterior with sleek lines, added colors and an updated, contemporary look. The new theme is the third major redesign in the brand’s history and replaces the traditional Cape Cod style design that dates back to the brand’s launch in 1969.

A core part of the rebranding is the "drive-thru of the future" concept. Long John Silver’s system features three 55-inch high definition digital video screens backed by a digital audio driven by a computer-operated ordering and display system.

 “We basically have improved every aspect of the consumer’s experience going through the drive-thru, by installing state-of-the-art headsets, timers and the Menuboard with order confirmation,” Chris Fuller, director of merchandising for Long John Silver’s, tells Hospitality Technology“This is being executed to improve communication, speed and accuracy. We are able to measure and test in a much faster way by utilizing data driven and consumer feedback on every aspect of the consumer visit. “

To date, there are 86 stores that feature the new look and technology. Updated stores are enjoying the efficiencies’ enabled by the new technology, including the ability to update their menuboards with ease.

“Currently, the non-digital stores struggle with audio and require extended time frames to change or update their menus,” Fuller says. “All changes must be executed by a store worker."

Long John Silver’s operates nearly 1,000 franchised and company-owned restaurants nationwide. 

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