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Long John Silver's Deploys End-to-End Secure Payment Solution

Long John Silver’s has opted to upgrade its payments infrastructure to Ingenico Group’s EMV- and NFC-ready payment terminals to support its upcoming transition to the EMV payment standard in the U.S. The Ingenico Group solution will enable Long John Silver’s 580+ U.S. locations to accept both magnetic stripe and EMV cards, and also provides a platform for mobile wallet acceptance, such as Apple Pay, in the future.
According to Long John Silver’s executives, improved security and PCI compliance were the main drivers for the change. “As we prepared for the advent of chip-based cards, we also wanted to implement a solution with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to provide bulletproof security over our customers’ cardholder data, while also easing the process of meeting increasingly complex PCI requirements,” said Craig Daniel, chief financial officer for Long John Silver’s. “During our competitive evaluation, Ingenico proved to have the most secure technology, the greatest experience with EMV, and the most flexible solution that allowed us to leverage our existing infrastructure without having to spend millions of dollars on network and infrastructure upgrade costs.”
Increasing instances of data breaches in the U.S. are driving many quick service restaurants (QSRs) to implement a multi-layered approach of EMV plus P2PE in order to fully protect cardholder data. This multi-layered approach also enables merchants to limit the overall cardholder data environment, thus reducing PCI scope. By leveraging Ingenico Group’s EMV and P2PE solution, Long John Silver’s will dramatically reduce the costs and effort associated with complying with PCI DSS.
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