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Loews and Four Seasons Personalize Guest Service with Text Message Concierge

Impatience is a virtue and more free time is the ultimate luxury. Zingle is a new type of personal texting service that gives hotel guests service-on-demand, a VIP-experience through a simple text message. In our hyper-connected world, impatience has become the enemy of loyalty, with only 8% of hotel guests remaining loyal to a brand. Zingle is solving this problem, for hotels including Loews Vanderbilt, Loews Portofino Bay Hotels and Four Seasons Philadelphia, by giving them a valuable way to speed up and personalize service, score higher guest reviews and have more repeat stays.
What makes Zingle different it that it takes an existing technology that everyone uses for fast personal communications and extends it to bring VIP benefits that wouldn’t otherwise be readily accessible.  For any request or order, Zinglers text the mobile concierge number, get an immediate response and can return to enjoying their hotel stay, without waiting on the phone or in line.
Zingle has grown rapidly since it pioneered text to order in 2010 and today processes a million messages, for thousands of hotels, restaurants, cafÉs and parking companies including Hilton, Marriott, McDonalds, Subway, W Hotels, Ritz Carlton and Central Parking. Its launch of text message concierge is part of the evolution of what made text messaging so popular – faster service and immediate attention.
Zingle works alongside any hotel guest management or point of sale system and uses a mobile or internet connection to receive and reply to text messages from any device. For hotel staff, it’s a simple online dashboard and for guests there is no need to download an app, or enter login details, they can simply text the hotel, as they would any personal contact.
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