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LodgIQ Debuts Mobile Revenue Optimization Platform

LodgIQ  has announced the formal launch of its LodgIQ RM™ and LodgIQ Mobile RM™ platforms for the hospitality industry. The company has already secured $5 million in seed funding and recently announced the signing of its launch customer, Highgate Hotels. Developed by seasoned travel executives and Silicon Valley technologists with deep domain expertise, LodgIQ™ is re-imagining the revenue optimization category through various features.
Massive Data Infrastructure: The LodgIQ RM™ platform is built around a large repository of data sources, including market demand, competitive rates and reviews, customer shopping intent, flight arrivals, vacation rental demand and rates, exchange rates, events, weather and real-time news feeds, in addition to any hotel’s booking patterns and group demand at a granular, transactional level.
Advanced Machine Learning: Traditional forecasting and optimization algorithms have stayed static for decades, and are only able to take hotel-specific trends into account. LodgIQ RM™ incorporates deep machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to extract all relevant signals about evolving demand patterns and price-elasticity that are necessary to optimize revenues and profitability. This means that LodgIQ RM™ is able to react to market dynamics in real-time and recommend optimal, personalized pricing at a unique customer level.
Intuitive, Intelligent User Interface: The patented LodgIQ Board™ is designed to adapt to any user’s persona, and usable on any device, it thinks, learns and morphs with each user’s unique clickstream, and introduces:
Smart Tiles™
Price IQ™
Smart Alerts™
IQ Bar™
LodgIQ Mobile RM™: A full featured mobile revenue management system (RMS), LodgIQ Mobile RM™ includes all of the advanced functionality and ease of usage of the LodgIQ™ platform, and allows users to fully optimize their hotel’s revenue and profitability from their mobile device or tablet. The patented Voice IQ™ feature enables hands-free, natural speech driven access to all of the advanced functionality, analytics and decisions.
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