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Little Chef Taps Micros to Support New Roadside Concept

Little Chef has selected the Micros Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) to provide fast, flexible service to customers in its new concept sites. Little Chef, which serves more than 20 million hungry travelers every year, is piloting the new concept at 10 restaurants, offering customers a grab-and-go retail service, sandwich deli, and full table service.
In addition to utilizing Micros RES as a complete point-of-sale solution to support the retail, restaurant, and deli services, Little Chef is also utilizing Micros Kitchen Display Systems to provide real-time information for efficient kitchen management, and Mobile Micros handheld devices to allow rapid table-side ordering in the restaurant and queue busting flexibility in the Good to Go deli. Business intelligence is optimized with the web-based solution, and the Micros myinventory enables efficient stock management across multiple locations as well as within individual sites. To complete the offering, the Micros Enterprise Management Bureau supports the centralized configuration and management of menus across the estate.
"We're very excited about our new concept sites and their ability to serve the needs of hungry travelers on the go," says Chris Andrewartha, IT director at Little Chef. "Having Micros as a partner gives us the confidence that the restaurant technology will meet our customers' individual needs, and enable us to deliver a fantastic customer experience."

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