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LINQ 360 Tech Think Tank Finds Rev Mgmt Partner

The LINQ360 Innovation Center in Las Vegas, powered by Microsoft, chose the profit optimization company The Rainmaker Group as its official revenue management partner. Rainmaker joins a growing list of hospitality technology companies that have become LINQ360 Technology Members and are committed to working closely to create cross-product integration for the greatest benefits to hotel and gaming operators.
“Rainmaker’s stature as the leader in hospitality gaming revenue management helps ensure success of the Innovation Center’s mission to benefit the entire industry,” says Scott Garrison, president of LINQ360. “Our Center is the first, formal place where leading vendors can come together under Microsoft to develop system integrations.”
The LINQ360 Innovation Center, located near the Las Vegas Strip, provides a professional solutions-lab setting where visitors can experience a simulated high-tech hotel environment. The Center’s partners cooperate to show how advanced solutions can benefit every area of operations to increase profitability and improve the guest experience. LINQ360’s collaborative mandate is focused on delivering truly integrated solutions for world class hotels and resorts. The new Innovation Center makes its mark in the hospitality industry through a unique, effective approach that enables partners to dedicate knowledge and resources toward the specific objective of cross-product integration.
About Rainmaker
The Rainmaker Group’s revolution revenue management system considers Total Customer Value when determining optimal availability conditions. Total Customer Value includes hotel revenues as well as potential revenue from gaming, food and beverage, spa, and other significant profit centers. Rainmaker’s revolution Product Suite enables casino hotels to secure the most valuable customers to increase their profitability by:
Accurately forecasting demand and guest value to all areas of the enterprise
Leveraging cyclical patterns to optimize revenue and profitability
Maximizing the Total Customer Value of demand during peak travel times.

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