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Sponsored Content - AI-Powered Sales and Labor Forecasting that Helps Restaurants Make Informed Decisions

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The restaurant industry may be changing at a faster pace than ever before, but there are still some universal truths that remain. It’s a tough business where profit margins are often slim. Customer experience is everything. Employee turnover is common and costly. Managers find themselves overworked and faced with the difficult task of balancing time between front-of-house and back-office tasks.’s software is designed to address these things and more through AI-assisted sales and labor forecasting, scheduling, and team communication. leverages the power of artificial intelligence and automation, pulling in all the relevant data needed to optimize operations — historical sales, local events and weather, TV schedules, and more. Harnessing the power of a cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithm, gives managers precisely what they need to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and increase profitability across their businesses. The result is more efficient scheduling, improved profit margins, increased team communication, and better sales and labor forecasting. Restaurant executives get a better understanding of how their businesses are performing dow to each individual location, gaining valuable insights and data they can use to make important decisions around growth opportunities and operational efficiency.

Built with ease of use and integration in mind, is a simple way to automate back-office tasks and make informed business decisions based on actionable data. It takes over some of the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks for managers. It also provides restaurant employees with more control over their schedules and an easy way to submit their availability, check their hours, request time off, and swap shifts. integrates with major POS and data systems, providing a higher level of functionality without disrupting current technology ecosystems. It fits right into restaurants, providing them with essential tools to optimize operations.

“ significantly dropped payroll for our 17 restaurants by about 300 basis points. Annualized, we should see a 1.1-1.3 million dollar savings.” —Michael Schatten, Director of Operations of Carrot Express


Technology/solution type: Software

Top 5 most innovative features of this tool/application:

1. AI Sales Forecasting - uses a mix of historical, weather, and local data incorporated with machine learning to deliver dynamic sales forecasts down to the hour and channel.

2. AI Labor Forecasting - Shifts are optimized for both service and profitability, taking into account relevant internal and external factors, allowing restaurants to increase profit margins without sacrificing service levels.

3. Scheduling - AI-assisted scheduling helps create repeatable processes across multiple locations, empowering GMs to make decisions backed by trustworthy data. Employees gain flexibility in their schedules.

4. Team Communication -’s employee mobile app facilitates communication between managers and team members. Managers can easily push out communications to employees, and employees can easily submit their availability, see when they’re working, request time off, and swap shifts if needed.

5. Integrations - To provide a seamless experience with the tools restaurants are already leveraging, easily integrates with the most popular point of sale (POS) systems on the market.

Existing customers for this technology include:

● Fast-casual

● Casual dining

● Quick service

● Fine dining

● Cafes

● Franchises

● Restaurant groups

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