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LG Pro Centric Catena Debuts Web App

LG now offers remote display management for businesses and direct audio streaming to guests’ mobile devices.

LG Business Solutions USA is making it easier than ever for businesses with public area digital displays to control their entire portfolio of screens through its new system called Pro:Centric Catena. Operating on LG’s Pro:Centric smart televisions, Catena provides a browser-based user interface to enable simple and convenient control of multiple commercial displays by staff using smartphones or tablets

Available now, the new IP-based solution is an ideal way for restaurants, sports bars, hotel fitness centers and more to remotely tune content and manage their digital displays without having to use multiple remote controls or tune individual set-top boxes to TV channels

Pro:Centric Catena also offers a new, unique benefit for customers: a simple web app that allows patrons to select from the available live TV broadcasting and listen to the audio through their own smartphones and earbuds. LG Catena uses a unique way to manage lip synch by separating the audio from the video stream on the premises and delivering it to the smartphone independently synchronized with the TV broadcas

Bars and restaurants can play background music while each table or customer chooses which game or show they want to listen to via their smartphone. LG Catena also is an ideal solution for gyms, hospitals and transit centers where multiple TVs display various channels, but their sound is muted.